.The Kiasma exhibition is now closed but more will follow! This website will keep you updated!

The demoskene.katastro.fi exhibition premiered in Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki between 28.3-15.6.2003. Approx. 50 000 people visited the exhibition and it was highly successful especially among the younger visitors of the Museum. The exhibition also got good media coverage from both the art and the IT media.

.Demoscene - The Travelling Show

Would you like to see the demoscene exhibition to visit your local museum or festival? Contact curator Lassi Tasajärvi for more info!

Documenting the equipment and methods used in the making of demo art pieces was of the utmost importance of the exhibition. Old works were carefully curated and fixed to loop and run 24/7 to avoid crashes and to rule out the need for constant museum staff care. Everything had to run in real-time with original machines. Using video or DVD playback or any method of fake looping was out of question. The exhibition was built to travel to other museums and electronic art festivals.

The goal of the exhibition is to provide the visitors with a look at one of the avenues along which media art has developed from the 1980s to the present day. The point-of-view is that of a generation that grew up with computers and games, making digital art using new technologies. What makes the exhibition remarkable is the fact that these pieces have never before been exhibited in one place at large, augmented by commentary on the demo scene as a cultural phenomenon and as a part of hacker and cracker cultures.