The exhibition presents demo pieces and the demo scene as a cultural phenomenon. The exhibition shows demo pieces made by the artists of the katastro.fi community using the equipment from the 1980s and -90s originally used to make them. Some newer material and commissioned pieces by the same artists is also included.

The goal of the exhibition is to provide the visitors with a look at one of the avenues along which media art has developed from the 1980s to the present day. The point-of-view is that of a generation that grew up with computers and games, making digital art using new technologies.

What makes this exhibition remarkable is the fact that these pieces have never before been exhibited in one place, augmented by commentary on the demo scene as a cultural phenomenon. Documenting the equipment and methods used in the making of these pieces is of the utmost importance.

The demo scene has a strong impact on many of its generation's media artist and it has had an impact in other areas of society, as well. The Finnish IT-industry, for example, can trace some of the best expertise of its workers to the demo scene of the 1980s and -90s.